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Project type

fictional project


sketch / invision / ai / ps




ui/ux / web design / visual identity

Wafuku Market


The brief was to create a new design based on an existing e-commerce. The website I chose sells traditional japanese clothing (wafuku) and it's called Kimono Yukata Market Sakura. I simplified the name to Wafuku Market to make it more appealing.

While the clothes have a unique look and can be regarded as high fashion, the original website didn't tell the same story. I wanted to explore the possibilities when combining classic Scandinavian design with the rich heritage of Japanese culture to convey Wafuku Market to a broader audience.

By keeping things clean and simple the end result acts as a base for a sleek modern look that appeals to today's customer.

*All pictures are borrowed from the e-commerce Trove.


For the logo, I wanted to make something recognizable, minimal, yet still easy to remember. It uses the same font family as the brand and represents the Scandinavian look. Accompanied by the Hanko stamp you get authenticity.


To let the garments speak for themselves I chose to work with tone downed colors—accept for the accent color Aka (red) that represents passion and gives a hint to the Japanese flag.

Compared to the original website, I formed it to highlight the garments and make it more engaging for the customers to navigate through the site. With a much more clearer interface, the customer can go at their own pace and feel the exclusivity of the garments.


By this being my first attempt at creating an e-commerce site, I've learned that there are more steps and decisions than I imagined. Should the product cards have a buy button, or does it make it more exclusive without it? I ended up using a buy button for cards with more than one item attached to it, making it easier for the customer to gather. As for the colors, I would like to explore and add different shades or other alternatives so it would make the UI feel more complete.

Thanks for watching!