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Project type



ai / ps / after effects


maja saaranen — designer


visual identity / graphic design / motion design

Scope Technologies


In a collaboration between Yrgo and Chalmers Ventures, Maja Saaranen and I got the opportunity to work with the start-up called Envue Technologies. The client wanted to stand out from other companies that act in the same area and wasn't too comfortable with their name—so we created a visual identity including a new name, logo and photos.

Scope’s microscopy technology enables new results in early drug development. By imaging molecules with better sensitivity than competitive methods, researchers can get comprehensive data about protein complexes. This will speed up the long process of compound screening and help the industry in the development of safe pharmaceuticals. They use a microscopic device (nanoscope), software and a nanofluidic chip.



The previous name and logotype was a bland and boring, which gave us the opportunity to start from scratch and make something that felt more modern and bold. Starting with changing the name and after some research we chose something that was easy to remember, pronounce and connected to their product.

The symbol is an abstract shape of the tubes inside the nanofluidic chip and the molecules that goes through it. We made it a bit slanted to get the feeling of the flow inside the chip and the progression of their technology.

To balance the modern bold look we went with the font Roboto, which we think have a tech/medical look, and accessible.

Tech Purple — #9088FC








The primary color Tech Purple was inspired from the gloves that our client had when we visited them in their laboratory. We used it to let them be more unique and stand out from tech companies operating in the same area.


The pattern symbolizes the light that scatters inside the nanofluidic tubes inside the chip.

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